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Interactive & Games

Aksigorta Company Event – Yaşayan Duvar – Sensor powered Game

Eczacıbaşı Company Event – Multi LED Games –  Sensor powered Games

Sütbir Fair Event – Game for Kids promoting Milk –  Sensor powered Game

Migros Opening Event – Dual game for participants – Sensor powered Game

VR Safety Simulation – Heavy Objects

VR Safety Simulation – Hand Protection

VR SAfety Simulation – Machine Safety

VR Safety Simulation – Working At High Grounds

VR Medical Simulation – Doctor Role Play Gamification

VR Medical Simulation – Personnel Education Gamification

Mobile Game – Gulls Of İstanbul

Mobile Game – Food Ninja

VR Safety Simulation – Earthquake in an industrial space

VR Gamification for events – Exacavator Jenga

Sensor Based Fruit Ninja Game For Events

Sensor Based Running Game For Events

Sensor and VR Based Wingsuit Simulation For Events

Sensor and VR Based Balance Simulation For Events

VR Archery Gamification For Events

Mixed Reality – Virtual Campus Tabletop Application